Help! How Do I Talk to My Child with An Eating Disorder About Food & Their Body?


An Online Webinar Hosted by Eating Disorder Experts: Jana Spindler, RD, CCC and Britney Lentz, RD

Find out how parents can deal with triggering comments & messages with school friends, at sports, and on social media. An excellent opportunity to:

  • Understand potential blind spots key to your child's eating disorder recovery
  • Build confidence on what to say and what not to say when it comes to food and body image
  • Ask us your toughest questions

Past Clients & Colleagues are saying...

"We partner with the dieticians at Health Stand Nutrition for all of our Eating Disorder client families. Jana Spindler and Britney Lentz have gone above and beyond the regular training as dieticians to immerse themselves in the emotional world of eating disorders. They are both trained in Emotional Focussed Family Therapy and use it extensively in their work with our families. Jana has taken the step of completing her Masters in Counselling to add an even deeper level to her work with girls and parents with an Eating Disorder in the family."

- Lois Sapsford MSW, RCSW Director, Juno House

“As a psychologist that has specialized in eating disorders for over 20 years, I am extremely particular about the dieticians that I trust to work with my clients. Jana and Britney are my ‘go to’ dieticians as they have a high level of experience, training and insight into the complex dynamics and impact that an eating disorder brings to both the client and their loved ones. They understand the importance of supporting parents/caregivers through this journey as the knowledge and skills necessary are not ’natural’ and need to be learned. Britney and Jana provide a thoughtful and supportive environment for parents/caregivers to develop an effective approach in their support of someone struggling with an eating disorder.”

- Adele Fox, Director and Registered Psychologist at Adele Fox

“Our Dietitian provided multiple resources and strategies that we used to help my daughter - we were fearful of pushing her too hard that she'd shut down, and also fearful of not holding the line and letting the ED gain traction; without our Dietitian it would have been incredibly difficult for us to know what to do. She was such a steadying and encouraging force whenever we had questions or we had a difficult experience, and a wonderful cheerleader when things went well.”

- Caylie V.

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Help! How Do I Talk to My Child with An Eating Disorder About Food & Their Body?


A Live Online Webinar Hosted by Jana Spindler, RD, CCC and Britney Lentz, RD

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