NUTRITION BOOTCAMP online training & resource kit

Online training & resource kit to get your eating back on track at home Taught by Registered Dietitian Andrea Holwegner

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Meal Planning 6-Pack

Would You Also Like to Order Our Meal Planning 6-Pack?

Your Meal Planning 6-Pack includes 6 of our most popular resources for healthy meal plans:

1. Write On Supper Planner

Healthy meal plans for supper can be done in minutes with our simple Write On Supper Planner resource. Regardless if you plan 1, 3 or 7 days at a time this adaptable supper planner will keep you organized for success.

2. Reusable Grocery Shopping List

Get healthier and shop faster! This reusable shopping list is organized by grocery store section to help you stock your pantry, fridge and freezer with tasty and healthy foods you need to be successful.

3. Build a Balanced Meal Resource

You will never be short of ideas with this list of breakfast, lunch and supper meal planning ideas. This is one of our most popular nutrition tools since you can quickly select healthy meal plans based on which items you have in your house or can grab on-the-go.

4.  51 Healthy Snack Attacks

If you are stuck for a healthy snack idea, our list of 51 ideas is guaranteed to inspire you. Read our top Dietitian approved tips for what, when and why healthy snacking is key and our award-winning recipe for Cocoa Energy Bars.

5.  30 Weeknight Meals Made Simply Delicious

Meal planning can be as easy as 1-2-3. This resource offers key strategies to help you navigate healthy meal plans for time crunched schedules and 30 ideas for Dietitian approved dinners for busy weeknights.

6.  28 Vegetarian / Meatless Monday Meal Ideas

Incorporate more vegetarian, meatless Monday or plant-based choices in your healthy meal plans with this list of 28 veggie-centric meal ideas. This resource also provides tips on key nutrients of concern and planning optimal vegetarian meals.

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Past Clients Are Saying…

“Andrea has a longstanding, solid reputation with colleagues and clients because of her creative, compassionate, “let’s do it” approach to life and work. Her information is credible, evidence-based and better yet, presented in a way that sticks. I’ve referred clients to her practice for over ten years, knowing their personal struggles and questions will be greeted with zero judgement. Rather, Andrea understands that everyone’s relationship with food can sometimes be distressing or frustrating, and she welcomes a chance to explore solutions that are practical and joyful.” Dr. Colleen Cannon, Clinical Psychologist Co-founder Craving Change Inc.

“What a refreshing change to have a speaker inspire rather than “lecture” about nutrition. Your captivating stories, tips and overall approach to healthy eating uplifts and puts people at ease. It was great to hear we don’t need to strive to be perfect eaters, and that small changes really can make a difference in how we feel and in our health. Thanks to Andrea, we have solutions to our everyday nutrition challenges that can actually work in real life!” Tina Tamagi, Human Resources, ARC Resources Ltd.

“Thanks Andrea for an amazing presentation, I have heard all positive remarks from attendees and the evaluations show the same sentiment. You truly took the “die” out of Dietician! Your information on healthy eating and simplifying how we can work towards this as we are all so busy really hit the mark.” Carole Ann LaGrange, Transfusion Medicine Safety Officer Event Planner for Laboratory Diagnostic Imaging Annual Event

“Andrea Holwegner is a leading expert in the field of nutrition. After numerous successful television segments on Global Morning News, we asked her to be a regular monthly guest expert. Andrea has continued to bring forward current issues and topics relevant to our viewers. She understands media, comes well prepared, and is both entertaining and energetic. We look forward to continued work with her as a regular guest on our show. Thanks Andrea!” Angela Kokott Past co-host, Global Morning News Calgary

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